In memory of George Walker

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In memory of George Walker

Post by Hoss » Fri May 28, 2021 6:40 pm

Many top notch voice performers are in or have been in West Virginia but as Memorial Day approaches I still miss one of the great ones that died before his time on May 6, 2013.

I worked with George for 34 years using his voice talent and insight to produce commercial TV spots. George knew the difference between a voice over and a voice performance and he understood when and how to use each. He recognized the difference between shooting a TV spot and producing TV commercials that were visually pleasing even entertaining while accomplishing the clients’ goal. Many times George advised or encouraged me and helped develop my ideas.
Aside from his sizable artistic talent George was a kind and generous man that was easy to like. He’s made friends and colleagues in every job. His knowledge of the broadcasting business covered a variety of knowledge and covered every skill set within station operations.
Additionally his key to success was understanding that community involvement is the stations obligation to the audience and will ultimately embrace the raising of funds, whether underwriting or profit. This simple concept that a balance exists and will be a positive power made George a formidable force in business.
I personally have lost a friend and a counselor. A man that could entertain with his wit, teach with his knowledge and produce some of the best voice work I have ever had the privilege of crafting into TV content. Broadcasting has lost an asset. George was taken before we were able to hear all he had to give. I will miss him.
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